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Why you should be using Facebook as part of your marketing strategy

Facebook advertising. Advertising on Facebook. Facebook ads. Let’s improve your marketing strategy First look at this image above. Ok now start reading. It’s the best option there is for your marketing strategy There are now over 2 billion people on Facebook each month. This just happened in June of 2017. Not only is Facebook the…

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How To Do Digital Marketing The Right Way

Digital Marketing: The New Frontier. Trying to learn how to use digital marketing to grow your business? Digital marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. We use a pretty simply method to grow businesses with digital marketing (no billboards, no TV, no print, no radio, no brochures or flyers, no referrals, and no JV’s) We’re going…

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How much did George Lucas make in 12 days?

Just to clarify, I’m sure most of you know who he is, but if not, George Lucas basically made Star Wars. He is an American Film Maker and Entrepreneur. He is best known for his most popular films, Star Wars (all seven of them) and Indiana Jones. Also, as the founder of Lucasfilm, he sold…

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