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Tim Baca

Albuquerque, NM

Kids Academy Learning Center

2-week Results – Spent $212 on ads = $3,300 in monthly revenue

“Hi my name is Tim Baca, and I want to take this opportunity and thank Tucker for the amazing job that he has done with Kids Academy Child Learning Center, here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ll tell you I’m very impressed with the digital marketing that he does.

My wife and I have been in this industry for over 20 years and we over the years we have tried everything. I mean we started back in the Yellow Page days. And so we’ve done it all we’ve done flyers, we’ve done billboards, you know we’ve done everything.

And these days a lot of people are on social media and you need something more than just a Facebook page. You need somebody that knows Facebook Marketing, how to drive traffic, how to get quality leads. And we’ve been communicating for the last probably three weeks Tucker put together an amazing program because as a family owned and operated business you know we do things differently with the kids with our staff and we want to attract those parents that appreciate the things that we do here because we’re we’re hands on. And Tucker listened and he was designing this system based on who we really were and we communicate on a daily basis.

And I love that because it’s not like you know I just placed money on some advertising this is, this is hands on and I’m very very impressed. The last probably five to six days we’ve probably collected over 20 some leads and most of them were quality prospects of people that really were looking for what we had to offer. So I’ll tell you I’m looking forward Tucker to a long term business relationship.

I also have an alkaline water business that we’re already talking about doing and scaling that. So I want to thank you very much. And if anybody’s looking for a quality person, look no further.

Thanks again Tucker”


Marcia Battiste

Southfield, Jamaica

Marcia’s-own-hideaway Bed and Breakfast

2-week Results – Spent $130 on ads = $630 in total revenue

“Good afternoon my name is Marcia Battiste and I’m here at Marcy’s-own-hideaway with Ryan Johnson my head chef. Recently we’ve had the opportunity of meet Tucker from the United States. He came to us to help us with our advertising for out business. And I must say that over the past couple of weeks he has been a tremendous help.

By creating ads we’ve had over 20 people coming to our site and making reservations more coming for meals. I can’t say enough about Tucker. He has been wonderful. He’s been on the ball with everything. He’s there as our backup and whenever we need any help he’s there for us. Ryan do you want to say something?

Hey, Thank you very much Tucker. And (Jamaican Dialect)”

Kyle Agha

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Tanning Studios

2-week Results – Spent $312 on ads = See screenshot below

Featured by Millionaire Fb Ads Expert

Featured after spending $212 on Facebook Ads to make a struggling childcare $3,300 in monthly revenue.

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