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Customer and Competitor Research


Trying to sell something that no one wants? Struggling to sell to your customers? Are your customers not buying what you have to offer? Are you not making as much money as you’d like to? Do you need to find out what your customers are saying, thinking, and doing to be able to speak to them at a level that they understand? Need to survey your audience without being spammy to find out what you should sell them next? Need to find out what your competitors are doing so you can beat the competition? Need to surpase your competition by selling better solutions than they do? Let us dive deeper into your customers and competitors minds to double or even triple your profits.

What's Included:

$1,997: A deep analysis into your customers lives and competitors businesses. We use a very specific method to learn the exact thoughts and feelings of your customers, and very specific software to ethically funnel hack your competition to find out what they are selling, where they are selling, and how they are selling. You’ll get a full report of where your customers are buying, what they’re thinking, what they’re saying, their thoughts and beliefs, and the exact copy that you need to use for your sales pages, emails, landing pages, videos, and emails. You’ll also get a complete analysis of your competition. You’ll learn what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and how you should do it better. We’ll find loopholes for you so that you can surpass your competition.

Social Media Management


Tired of posting on social media and not seeing the results you want? Too much to do when it comes to social media that you’re forgetting to focus on what you’re good at? Let us manage your social media for you and have you focus on your strengths. We offer social media management services for every social media channel like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and more.

1-3 Accounts

$1,997/Month: Includes content profit strategy, content calendar, content creation, content design, content editing, content scheduling, content posting, content analysis, and more

4-10 Accounts

$2,997/Month: Includes content profit strategy, content calendar, content creation, content design, content editing, content scheduling, content posting, content analysis, and more

11+ Accounts

$3,497/Month: Includes content profit strategy, content calendar, content creation, content design, content editing, content scheduling, content posting, content analysis, and more

Sales Funnel Creation and Building


Do you have a sales funnel yet? Are you losing visitors on your website? Are people confused on what to do when they see your site? Are you not converting visitors into buyers? Do you struggle with paid and free advertising? Do you have a hard time generating leads and sales through a funnel? Funnels are the Uber of websites when it comes to making sales. Create a sales funnel and make more money from start to finish of your entire sales process.

Basic Funnel Build

$6,997: We’ll create a working and well-tested funnel that will convert leads and sales. You’ll have lifetime access to this funnel that you’ll be able to turn on and let the customers fly in. You’ll also be able to make more money in less time.

Premium Funnel Build

$9,997: You get everything in the basic package, and you’ll also get the exact traffic targeting and sources that you can plug in. We’ll also give you a 30-day email followup sequence that will help turn more visitors into buyers. If you’re short on time, don’t worry. We got your back. We’ll complete the customer and competitor research, create the offer, create the funnel, test it on Facebook to make sure it’s working, and help you scale. We’ll also create all the landing pages, sales copy for videos, emails, and ads, and create all your video content.

Facebook Advertising and management


Struggling with your Facebook ads? Not converting leads and sales? Having a hard time knowing who to target? Struggling with knowing what to write? We’ll handle all this for you.

Facebook Ads Audit

$1,997: We’ll go into your Facebook Manager and analyze all your data. We’ll look at what is working, what isn’t working, your targeting, your sales copy, your campaigns, your ad sets, your ads, your budget, your sales process, your content, your offer, and more to tell you what you need to do next.

Facebook Ads Setup

$4,997. We’ll go in and set up a lucrative and converting Facebook ad campaign that will get you results within the first 24 hours. This also includes a funnel setup an email sequence.

Facebook Ads Management

$2,997. We’ll adjust, manage, fix, create, and fine-tune your ads on a monthly basis to make sure they are optimized for peak performance. We’ll also fix the targeting, split test ad copy and content, and fine-tune the sales process and funnel. You’ll get a bi-weekly report of what is happening behind the scenes, what we’ll do next, and statistics with all the main key points of your campaign. Must commit to 3 months.



Is your website not converting? Are your emails not selling? Are you having a hard time writing what sells? Do you struggle with making sales? Are your ads not converting into leads and sales? Do you struggle with speaking to your customers online? Are you landing pages not converting leads and driving sales? Then bad copy is your problem. Allow us to turn your content into selling machines.

What's Included:

Contact us at tucker@prelaunchprofit.com



Need an professional and outside perspective to drive more leads and sales to your company? Need to convert more sales but struggling to know how? Need corporate and sales training on real-time and up-to-date digital marketing strategies and techniques? We’ll train your teams to get more done with less time and make more money.

What's Included

Contact us at tucker@prelaunchprofit.com



Want to know exactly what to do and when to do it? Need help making wise decisions for your business or company? Want to know the exact strategy that is best for you and your current budget, whether small or large? Want to learn how to bring in more revenue each and every single month?

What's Included:

Contact us at tucker@prelaunchprofit.com

Email Marketing


Are your emails not making sales? Are you struggling with an email automation that converts readers into buyers? Are you having a difficult time speaking to your customers in email? Do you hate writing emails all the time when you could be doing more important things? Do your emails need help with sales copy that sells? Let us complete an entire email automation sequence to take the load off your shoulders.

What's Included:

30 Day Email Sequence: $4,997 Setup fee and $2,997/Month for management. Let us write sales driven and compelling email sequences that will bring in more customers and sales. We’ll send emails to those who have bought previously, to make more money. We’ll send followup emails to those who didn’t buy, so they can get another chance to buy. We’ll include the secret selling triggers that make people want to buy.

Website Design and Management


Tired of your website? Not converting leads into sales? Having a hard time turning visitors into buyers? Is your website broken? Do you need someone else to manage your site for you? Do you need a website that is sales driven?

Premium Website

$9,997 with $1,497/month management fee: Let us complete a website that is a sales machine. We’ll create a website that will convert visitors into customers quickly with ease. Let us give you a website that you’ll be proud of that you’ll never have to worry about.

Executive Website

$19,997 with $2,497/month management fee: You’ll get everything inside the Premium Website package, and you’ll also get a website that will generate more leads and sales like a sales funnel.

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