Why you should be using Facebook as part of your marketing strategy

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First look at this image above. Ok now start reading.

It’s the best option there is for your marketing strategy

There are now over 2 billion people on Facebook each month. This just happened in June of 2017. Not only is Facebook the biggest, but Facebook also owns two of the other bars shown above. Instagram and Messenger.

Facebook is the artificial intelligence of the internet. We now live in a day and age where anyone can become a millionaire when they know how to leverage Facebook ads as part of their marketing strategy.

Facebook’s mission is to give the best experience for their users. In return, they have set it up so that you see more of what you’re interested in. A cat lady will see more cat stuff, a dog lady will see more dog related content, etc.

Because of the many targeting options that Facebook provides, you can dial in extremely deep to put your products and services in front of people who are ready to buy.

For example: Have you ever been shopping on one of the major shopping websites, like on Amazon, eBay, etc?

You’re shopping. You see something you like, and you end up not buying it for whatever reason.

Maybe your dog was barking. Maybe someone came to the door. Maybe The mailman just dropped off your OTHER package that came from Amazon. Maybe the baby threw his food on the floor.

So you close the browser, do whatever it was that had to be done, and forget about it.

Days later, even WEEKS, you’re back on Facebook, and somehow that product is in your newsfeed. It’s been waiting for you to open up Facebook so that you would satisfy your purchasing habits and buy yet another cat toy for Mr. Snuggles.

This is the power of Facebook.


It’s inexpensive

Another reason why you should be advertising on Facebook as part of your marketing strategy is because it’s cheap.


It’s extremely cheap. There are people in my circle of influence who have become millionaires by spending a simple $5 a day. I’ve built businesses, sold physical and info products, and built my own business for $5 a day. But here’s the thing tho…

It’s going to become more expensive.

This year alone, there has been more dollars spent on digital marketing than TV commercials. That’s right. 2017 was the first year that more money was spent on online advertising than on TV.

Soak that one in for a sec.

If you’re not using Facebook ads as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on thousands, hundreds of thousands, even MILLIONS of dollars a year. This also depends on your industry, but you get my point.

Anyone can use Facebook to grow their business. I’ve run ads for restaurants, childcare centers, coaches, myself, software companies, custom home builders, real estate, and many more.

In fact, for the restaurant, which was a bed and breakfast in Jamaica, we spent $130 in the space of two weeks and after we put all the numbers together we made them $630 USD. This is how lucrative advertising on Facebook can be.

If you’re considering advertising on Facebook, you’ve thought way too long about it. Now is the time to start growing your business with the best tool there is on the internet.

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